Gradebook MCPS


This project is was live at As of July 18th, 2020, MCPS has retired the Powerschools platform, and have transferred grade services to another platform.

Project Summary

Gradebook MCPS is an alternative to MCPS' own student grade viewer / portal, MyMCPS Portal. MyMCPS Portal is powered by Powerschools, and Gradebook MCPS utilizes the same backend and API as Powerschools.

I spent many weeks reversing the Powerschools API & the frontend of MyMCPS Portal in order to determine all the necessary endpoints and requests required for a functional gradebook. A large portion of the project was mainly reconnaisance & reversing the platform itself, but it wasn't too terribly difficult to locate & replicate all the endpoints I needed.

Building and designing the web application itself wasn't too bad either -- it was fun to experiment around with unique component styles that I've never used before, and I wanted to make the design more simplistic and less cluttered than MyMCPS Portal.